The PINDING® unites advantages of two system. Pivot downhill bindings make for uncompro-mising and safe descents, Pin bindings ensure effort saving ascents. No matter if freeride, groomers, or touring – the PINDING® is the absolute „one for all“ solution for all those who want unlimited skiing performance and safe release when conquering the whole mountain.


No matter how you get up the mountain – with a heli, a gondola or with the integrated Pin-system – there is always a descent. This is where the PINDING® reveals its full potential.

The Pins disappear inside the front piece and the PINDING® converts into a full-fledged downhill binding that offers the best performance through direct power transmission, optimum control and supporting dynamic flection of the ski.

The highest level of safety is ensured through the pivoting heel piece. Its horizontal resilience reduces wrong releasing. The DIN-setting can be adjusted individually in the front and in the back.


Safety through adjustable DIN-settings in both the front and the back piece

direct power transmission

low standing height

high level of control

dynamic flection of the ski

pivot heel piece

stopper deployment

exchangeable ski stoppers

two different standing hight for different boot soles


By tilting the operating lever the PINDING® becomes a full-fledged alpine touring pin binding.

The low standing height, the integrated risers and the perfect turning point which reduces the weight that has to be lifted to a minimum make up for a very good walking comfort.

This is what makes the PINDING® the perfect solution for freeriding and all mountain skiing and it also opens new possibilities for downhill skiers.


high walking comfort due to the integrated pin system

ideal turning point

no weight has to be lifted

operating lever for changing from uphill to downhill mode

easy to handle risers

ski crampons can be mounted

 TECHNical data


WEIGHT:   1390 g

STOPPER WIDTHS:   90 / 110 / 125

RISERS:   12°

19 mm for touring boots
26 mm for downhill boots


25 mm at front piece
12mm at heel piece

18 mm at heel piece

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