„Bavarian Alpine Manifest“ (B.A.M.) is proof of the constant examination of visions that reflect personal alpine passions. B.A.M. is addiction with mountains full of blood in your veins. It’s an attitude with an impetus to make visions come to life – every day. B.A.M. stands for technical products that work.

The PINDING® is much more than a newly developed ski bindings system for B.A.M. It is our first project that keeps us busy and that we are implementing with utter conviction. That’s what we’ve been doing 24/7 from the beginning.

B.A.M. has the goal to make innovative product ideas come true for ambitious mountain people.

Developed in Bavaria: B.A.M. is proud of its Bavarian origins. Close contacts and connections with local suppliers and production facilities.


Obsessed with ideas that have the power to keep him occupied. A new idea doesn’t only kee his  thoughts busy – it will rule his whole life. All around the clock. Bavarian Alpine Manifest is Markus Steinke’s way to see beyond the end of his nose. Founding the company was a result of his constant examining his personal needs in the mountains.

Tame birds sing about freedom, wild birds fly!
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